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What Is e-Invoice ?
An e-Invoice is a digital representation of a transaction between a supplier and a buyer. e-Invoice replaces paper or electronic documents such as invoices, credit notes, and debit notes.
An e-Invoice contains the same essential information as traditional document, for example, supplier’s and buyer’s details, item description, quantity, price excluding tax, tax, and total amount, which records transaction data for daily business operations.
Benefits of e-Invoice
The implementation of e-Invoice not only provides seamless experience to taxpayers, but it also improves business efficiency and increases tax compliance. Overall benefits include:

The figure below demonstrates an overview of the e-Invoice workflow from the point a sale is made or transaction is undertaken, and an e-Invoice is issued by the supplier via MyInvois Portal or API, up to the point of storing validated e-Invoices on IRBM’s database for taxpayers to view their respective historical e-Invoices.

e-Invoice Implementation Timeline
e-Invoice will be implemented in phases to ensure smooth transition. The roll-out of e-Invoice has been planned with careful consideration, taking into account the turnover or revenue thresholds, to provide taxpayers with sufficient time to prepare and adapt to the e-Invoice implementation.
Below is the e-Invoice implementation timeline:

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